Tenant Selection Policy


Tenant Selection Policy

Approved by Board, January 19, 2023


Eligibility criteria

  1. Household Income
    • There is a required household income limit to rent homes built with funding assistance from the State of Maine. It is a specific percentage of the family median income (FMI) for Hancock County, as assessed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. (HUD categories are: low income=up to 50% of FMI, moderate=51% to 80%, medium=81% to 120%). The FMI is adjusted for family size and is updated each year. Percentage of FMI for the CIRT houses are as follows:
      • 80% of FMI for the Maple Ave house on Islesford (funded with assistance from a Community Development Block Grant.)
      • 120% of FMI for houses funded with Maine Housing Authority assistance – Pondview and Woodlawn on Komusin Lane, GCI, as well as the five new homes being planned for 2023 and 2024 occupancy on both islands.
      • 160% of Hancock Country FMI for the Kane House, GCI. (No state funds were used for this house; the income limit is set to match the limit established by CIRT for its home purchase assistance program.)
    • Household income levels are verified prior to signing an initial lease; thereafter, they are not monitored.
  2. Financial viability
    • Household has income that is at least three times the monthly rent amount.
    • Household does not have a debt load that would affect the ability to pay rent
  3. Appropriate house size
    • Household size is a good match for the size of the house


Selection Factors to Consider

The following do not determine basic eligibility to rent a CIRT house.  They are factors that the Selection Committee will consider in the selection process and are intended to improve the likelihood that selected applicants will advance the CIRT mission of helping to nurture and sustain a vibrant island community. They will also assist applicants in examining their desire to live year-round in a small island community.

  1. Applicant currently lives or works year-round on the Cranberry Islands
  2. Applicant has school-aged children
  3. Applicant has abilities and skills that are important for the year-round sustainability of the island community
  4. Applicant has desire to participate in and contribute to the life of the island
  5. Applicant is resourceful and flexible and can thrive living in a small, isolated community, with a two-room elementary school house, connected to the mainland by a ferry that is weather-dependent – it may not run, or may only run three times a day in the winter.


Selection Process

  1. CIRT announces a rental house opening on its website and through public information channels (flier, poster, Cranberry Isles Information Page). Folks are directed to the CIRT website for full information and application form, with a deadline for application.
  2. Application form can be downloaded from or filled out directly on the website; it is also available in hard copy from Homes & Families Committee chair.
  3. A Tenant Selection Team for each island, made up of members of the Homes & Families Committee (or other board members if needed), will be appointed from time to time by the President.
  4. Selection Team screens applications for basic eligibility; applicants who do not meet the eligibility requirements are informed.
  5. Selection Team considers additional selection factors for applicants meeting eligibility requirements. Applicants are interviewed by the Selection Team for clarifying information and to ensure they have a full picture of year-round life on the Cranberry Islands.
  6. If the Selection Team is unable to decide between two or more eligible applicants, the decision is made by lottery (picking a name out of a hat) in a manner that is deemed transparent and fair by the applicants.
  7. The Selection Team recommends the successful applicant to the Homes and Families Committee. The H&F Committee endorses the recommendation to the full Board for a final vote or vetoes the selection and the Selection Team is tasked with redoing the selection process. The Board has the final vote.
  8. Successful and unsuccessful applicants are notified.
  9. Unsuccessful, but otherwise eligible, applicants are notified by CIRT when another vacancy is available and they can apply again if still interested
  10. CIRT reserves the right to decline all applications.