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2022 Annual Report


Nurturing and sustaining a vibrant island community by providing year-round housing opportunities for working families

Vision for the future:

The Cranberry Isles is a bustling community of 200+ year-round residents of all ages, with a thriving school, a strong summer community, and a robust economy.


CIRT was founded in 1996, with support and encouragement from the Town of Cranberry Isles, to provide affordable year-round housing for those who could not otherwise afford it. The Board of Directors has always included both year-round and seasonal residents of both islands. After establishing the organization and receiving federal charitable status in May, 1998, CIRT’s initial goal was to provide a rental home for working families on both Great and Little Cranberry islands. The Rice House on Cranberry was purchased around 1999, and CIRT had the Maple Ave house on Islesford built in 2000. CIRT later obtained a second home on Great Cranberry; and, in June, 2014, built two new rental homes on Great Cranberry. In addition to providing rental homes, CIRT has provided financial support to two families on Islesford, allowing them to acquire their own island homes. CIRT’s covenants on these homes ensure permanent year-round residency and affordability. CIRT continues to grow in response to generous donations and volunteer commitments by community members on both islands. As funds become available, we plan to provide additional rental opportunities on Islesford, develop land we own on Cranberry as year-round building lots, and assist working families on both islands to purchase homes.

The CIRT Board manages the following properties:

On Great Cranberry:

The Kane House – Year-Round Rental Home
The Woodland House – Year-Round Rental Home
The Pondview House – Year-Round Rental Home
The Rice House – Cranberry Road: one privately owned home with CIRT covenants ensuring it is permanently affordable and will only be year-round occupancy

On Islesford:

The Maple Avenue House – Year-Round Rental Home
Main Street: one privately owned home with CIRT covenants ensuring it is permanently affordable and will only be year-round occupancy


Board of Directors:

Ken Schmidt, President, GCI

Judith Timyan, Vice President, LCI

Sam Reece, Secretary, LCI

Jim Kehoe, Treasurer, GCI

Peter Buchsbaum, GCI

Michael Comiskey, GCI

Kelly Sheets Dickson, LCI

Lindsay Eysnogle, LCI

Jeri Spurling, LCI

Alice Dunn, GCI

Katie Truesdale, GCI

Jim Gertmenian, GCI

Malcolm Fernald,  Islesford



William Dowling, General Manager

Ben Sumner, Bookkeeper

Ric Gaither, Caretaker, GCI